How to Use YouTubes Picture-in-Picture mode in iPhone

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Without a doubt, YouTube is one of the most used applications on iOS and iPadOS, as it allows you to quickly access any video on the Google platform. However, for quite some time, there have been many limitations in the application, among which the fact that, when closing the app in question, stops any type of playback in progress, with the exception of YouTube Premium users that they can continue to listen to the audio of the videos. To put an end to this problem, support for the Picture-in-Picture feature on operating systems such as iOS was announced some time ago.

YouTubes Picture-in-Picture mode in iPhone

In this case, the Picture-in-Picture mode has officially begun to reach some users of the official YouTube application for iPhone and iPad, avoiding having to use alternatives to watch videos in the background. And, best of all, it seems that this feature is reaching both Premium and free users.

In Picture-in-Picture mode, it links to YouTube for iPhone

As we mentioned, according to the information published by MacRumors, it seems that PiP mode would soon reach YouTube through the official application. In this way, you will be able to close the app and the playback of the videos will continue in the background through a small window that you can place wherever you want. Thus, you will be able to continue using your iPhone without a problem while playing any video.

iOS 14 Picture in Picture

The function in question would be starting to reach mainly Premium users, but it seems that it will soon reach free users as well, despite rumors that this would not happen. However, at the moment Google only talks about this function for the United States, although it is expected that it will soon spread to the rest of the world.

In this way, the problems to be able to watch videos in the background using YouTube would soon be over. Currently, there are all kinds of alternatives that go through Safari or through third-party applications and manage to avoid Google’s restrictions to be able to use the PiP mode on that platform, but the truth is that they will soon cease to be necessary thanks to this novelty. announced by the firm.

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