Landline or Mobile line? The Advantages of Each

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The landline has been around for a long time. But some experts speak of his disappearance. They also say that, if it is still there, it is largely thanks to the convergent offerings that link the Internet, landline, mobile, and/or television. Come on, what happens with Movistar Fusion. You can contract these services separately, such as mobile phones or fiber optics. But if you put them together, the result is cheaper.

Landline or mobile line

Before fiber optics, you needed a landline to access the Internet. Today the tables have been turned and you no longer need a copper pair installation to receive calls on your landline. This is connected to your fiber optic router. But, nevertheless, it seems that habits have changed and that the majority of the population prefers the mobile phone over the landline.

However, fixed-line and mobile line have their advantages. And combined, you can benefit from them to make and receive calls, be located, and/or save at the end of the month. And it is precise because the landline is no longer in fashion, it is the best time to use it.

The Great Advantages of the Landline

The landline phone is one that is associated with a landline. In the past, they used to be copper pairs. Today they are linked to the fiber optic router through it. But it turns out that the landline is less and less landline. For starters, most landlines today are cordless. That is, you can move them around the house and take the call wherever you want.

Advantages of the Landline

But let’s go to its main asset. Being a disused product, today most operators practically give you the fixed-line. For example, with Movistar Fusion, all packages offer unlimited calls to landlines. Come on, you can spend hours and hours talking through the landline for free. In certain Fusion packages, you also get free minutes of calls to mobiles. At least 550 minutes. About 9 hours to change. Not bad at all, right?

If we continue with the economic issue, the landline, as a device, is also infinitely cheaper than the mobile phone. Also, as I said, today most of them are wireless. Not only that, they have very useful functions such as hands-free, alarm, automatic dialing, agenda, etc.

Another advantage of the landline, or rather, the landline, is that the coverage is better than the mobile phone or mobile line. 4G coverage has improved a lot in Spain, but there are still blind spots or poor coverage. Here, the fixed continues to win.

And finally, if you make calls abroad, we continue with the same. It is cheaper to call with the “old-fashioned” landline phone than with the mobile phone. In addition, we can add other advantages, such as that there is still a population without a mobile phone. It’s hard to believe but that’s the way it is. And if you telecommute, the landline may help you make ends meet if you have to contact clients.

As for the downsides. The main one, that if you are not at home, you will not be able to answer calls to the landline. That is not like that. You can use voicemail, accessible remotely. Movistar offers this service for free to its clients. The cost is for whoever calls the answering machine. Or, if you prefer, you can hire call forwarding. It can be from landline to landline, from landline to mobile, from mobile to mobile, or from mobile to landline.

On the official Movistar Call Forwarding page, it explains all the possible causes. You can forward calls instantly or only if you do not answer or if you communicate.

The Great Advantages of the Mobile Phone

Now that we know all the good things the landline has to offer, let’s go to its rival, the mobile phone. Its advantages speak for themselves. For starters, being mobile, you can use it from anywhere you go with your phone in hand.

Advantages of the Mobile Phone

Another great advantage is that today, the mobile phone has become a handheld computer, so it does practically everything. Send and receive text or voice messages, make video calls or voice calls over the Internet, record audio and video, take photos, obtain information from the Internet, etc.

Another advantage of the mobile line is that today’s smartphones can block unknown or annoying numbers with ease. That and search the Internet if that number is private or commercial.

And with call forwarding, you can answer landline calls on your mobile phone even if you are far from your office. Very useful if you make a lot of trips for work reasons. That and record calls with the help of mobile applications for this purpose. Precisely, Internet access via 4G or 5G makes the mobile phone the best technological tool today.

In short, fixed-line and mobile lines each have their own advantages. Combined, you will be able to save at the end of the month, be always available, avoid annoying calls, enjoy all kinds of additional services and, ultimately, take advantage of the possibilities offered by telephony. Be it fixed or mobile.

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