Hardees’s Breakfast Hours and Hardee’s Breakfast Menus 2021

Hardee’s is one of the best places to have breakfast in the US. The chain is best known for serving an expansive morning menu filled with mouthwatering biscuits, sandwiches, and premium sausage links. The restaurant serves breakfast daily, but hours vary from location to location. That’s why most websites are not able to provide accurate information about when does hardee’s stop serving breakfast chain’s real breakfast times.

Hardee's Breakfast Hours 2021

What time does Hardee’s start serving breakfast? And, more importantly, what time does the chain stop serving breakfast? That’s the big question in everyone’s mind. We hope to answer that for you below. Since hours of operation vary from location to location, your best bet is to use Hardee’s location finder.

If you take advantage of the restaurant locator, you’ll be able to see what time your local Hardee’s starts serving breakfast, get contact information, and more.

Hardee’s Breakfast Menu

Looking for any breakfast items, you may find the amusing items in Hardee’s breakfast menu like the ones we have listed below

  • Hash Rounds (Small, Medium, Large)
  • Sunrise Croissant Sandwiches
  • Cinnamon N Raisin Biscuit
  • Sausage and Egg biscuits
  • Sausage biscuits
  • Grilled Pork Chop, Cheese and Egg Biscuit – Combo
  • Bacon Swiss Chicken & Egg Biscuit – Combo
  • Bacon Swiss Chicken Biscuit – Combo
  • Hardee Breakfast Platter
  • Cinnamon Swirl French Toast
  • Frisco breakfast sandwich
  • Sunrise croissant
  • Loaded breakfast burrito
  • Chicken fillet
  • Country fried steak biscuit
  • Biscuit N Gravy
  • Monster biscuit combo
  • Bacon Egg and cheese
  • Loaded omelet biscuit
  • Sausage and egg combo
  • Bacon egg cheese combo

When Does Hardee’s Stop Serving Breakfast?

Hardee's Menu

10:30 am in the Morning

The starting hours of the restaurant in different locations may have been found to be different, but Hardee’s closing time in all the locations is the same. It is 10:30 in the morning, after which they don’t serve. You can get breakfast after 10:30 am because the menu is then switched to the lunch menu.

Does Hardee’s Have a 24-hour Breakfast?

Hardee’s Breakfast Start at 6:00 am. as a rule of thumb. And 10:30 am, as they shift to the daily lunch/dinner menu when they turn. While most places are opening and closing, other restaurants serve breakfast before.

There are also places that open 24 hours, but this does not mean that breakfast is served all day. Therefore, before heading out, you should always contact your nearest restaurant. If not, you will waste time and money on the place you want to visit. You will enjoy Hardee’s breakfast Hours if you get there on time, including delicious savory options. Made from Scratch Biscuits, Omelets I especially like.

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